savioz fabrizzi architectes

savioz fabrizzi architectes

edhea et école de couture, sierre, concours
edhea et école de couture, sierre, concours
edhea et école de couture, sierre, concours
edhea et école de couture, sierre, concours
edhea et école de couture, sierre, concours
edhea et école de couture, sierre, concours
edhea et école de couture, sierre, concours

edhea campus and fashion college, sierre, competition



hes-so valais, sion


public spaces, hall, library, teaching area, administration, car park and outdoor amenities


competition 2021





the new edhea campus is built to serve as an extension to the usego building. it involves the restoration of the original spaces and the addition of two new spaces that complement the existing ones and give the site its structure.

the building that contains the project's public programme is located to the north of the plot. it is linked to the annex located along the railway, thereby creating an esplanade that is suitable for welcoming visitors.

the second building is positioned to the south of the warehouses. it includes the teaching premises which, due to its compact shape, leaves room for green spaces.

the new proposed layout retains and uses the existing building, thus preserving its original qualities, with the addition of new buildings that adopt its architectural language in order to form a coherent entity.

the proposed project is part of a process of integration with the existing building known as 'weiterbauen' or continued building


programme organisation


an above-ground two-storey building has been constructed on the northern part of the site, with the public areas organised into large, open, modular spaces. the entrance hall and exhibition/performance room are accessed on the ground floor and extend into the entrance courtyard. the library/media library is located on the first floor, and the hall is in the basement.







the railway is the linking theme for the complex; it becomes a space for meeting and discussion as the reception for the new edhea's students.

the current building's ground floor houses the refectory and extends onto the platform and the outer courtyard.

the warehouse, with its railway shed roof, has optimal overhead light for the workshops of the fashion college and the secondary school.

the administrative offices are located on the first floor of the 1956 building and are organised for open space working and as individual offices.

the new three-storey structure to the south of the campus, with usable heights ranging from 3 to 5 metres, contains the teaching premises, with theory rooms on the upper ground floor, modular workshops for the art college on the upper floor and secondary laboratories and photo and video studios on the lower ground floor.

finally, the warehouse's lower ground floor is fitted out to accommodate the school's ceramics, wood, metal and engraving workshops, and for storage and supplies.


character and construction


the new parts of the project take their inspiration from the design features of the existing building.

the teaching building, which continues on from the shed building, has a concrete framework infilled with bricks on the façade and laid on a plinth. in contrast, the reception area is a massive structure with openings, as is the case with the usego building's administrative wing.

the punctual construction of the building has produced a free layout, with flexible partitioning and flowing circulation for its users. this framework is also expressed in the façade, with large glazed panels. the top floor has overhead roof lights which provide ample, even lighting for working areas.

the seismic partition walls are positioned mainly in the service cores. the deficiencies of the existing building are compensated for by reinforcing the eastern façade and the wall adjoining the southern part.

the two new buildings are separated from the old one by seismic joints.







outdoor facilities and traffic


the northern part of the plot is given over to car parking. twenty parking spaces have been incorporated into this area, but the space is planted with grass and trees between parking spaces.

the courtyard side, connected to the rue du stade, is more urban in nature and serves as a reception area for users. however, it also offers green spaces for relaxation, as well as covered and shaded terraces that provide additional space for the refectory.

a green space is planned on the garden side. this park will be directly accessible from the new building and will provide students with a welcome opportunity to relax in the sun.

the current bus stop will remain in place and there will be a service access to the new building.


energy - sustainable development


the building, with high-performance shells in the old and new buildings, is designed to reduce energy requirements, and its compact size, triple-glazed windows and solar protection avoid overheating in summer.

heating and/or cooling is generated by a heat pump using groundwater. the heating and cooling system can be operated so that it can be reversed depending on the season, allowing for a balance to be maintained over the year and thereby minimising disruption to the natural environment. the heat is distributed using a system of active slabs to optimise the release of low-temperature heat (or cold).

all the spaces are mechanically ventilated to ensure greater comfort and lower energy costs. all the measures described will make it easy to obtain the minergie label.

edhea et école de couture, sierre, concours

le nouveau campus edhea s'implante en continuité du bâtiment usego. il propose une réhabilitation des espaces d'origine auxquels se greffent deux nouveaux volumes qui complètent l'existant et qui structurent le site.
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