savioz fabrizzi architectes

new centre for the road and waterways transport department in sion, competition, 2nd place

restructuring of the sion club house, competition

conversion, central valais

commercial building "le jardin de jean-luc", sion

conversion, sion

"le port franc", concert hall, sion

les collines school, crèche, pre/post-school childcare unit, sion, competition, 1st place

centre phytoark, sion

cour de gare operation, sion, competition

landscape planning of the rhône bank, sion, competition

primary school, châteauneuf sion

paediatric consulting rooms, sion, conversion

crédit suisse facade, sion, conversion, competition

médiathèque valais, sion, transformation, concours 3ème prix

la matze apartments, sion, competition

maurice zermatten square, sion, competition

house, uvrier, project

europan 9, sion, competition

‘les îles’ multipurpose hall, sion, competition, 2nd place
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