savioz fabrizzi architectes

competition for projects in ardon to enlarge the school building

pre/post-school childcare unit, crèche, nursery, vétroz

construction of a crèche, toy library and classrooms at grône, competition

design for housing and childcare facilities at port-valais, invited competition

primary school, châteauneuf sion

extension to school complex at riddes, competition

les collines school, crèche, pre/post-school childcare unit, sion, competition, 1st place

three-in-one sports center, visp

borzuat primary school, sierre

primary school, châteauneuf-conthey, competition, 3rd place

high school building, fully, competition

primary school, vollèges

german-language high school, fribourg, competition

primary school, marly, competition, 7th price

triple sport centre, estavayer-le-lac, competition

school and sport hall, chermignon, competition, 3rd price

professional school, visp, competition, 5th price

combat training centre, bure, competition
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